• Week 4: I'm a Performer! June 24-28 (Half Day)

    This week's theme: I’m a Performer!

    • Come explore the "Art" in STEAM! Come in play clothes to get messy with art and move your body! We'll explore visual and performing arts this week.
    • **Toddlers 18 months to 3: Toddlers need stability and consistency to be comfortable and confident. Rest assured that toddler camps will provide daily consistency while being loosely themed as age-appropriate. This week we will sing and draw and dance!


    Consistent with the high standards of the Montessori Method we teach during the school year, the
    Summer experience sparks the imagination and follows the child’s interests through engaging,
    hands-on learning. Every camp will include STEAM experiences and/or guests (such as the Houston Zoomobile or a NASA rocket scientist!). Students will learn peace and service, spend time exploring and playing outdoors each day, and engage in academics in a way that sparks joy for learning subjects including art, science, engineering, math, language, and more.


    Half Day camp runs from 8:20am to Noon.


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