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Student experimenting with acid and alkaline
STEAM at Kingwood Montessori School

It’s incredible to think that the future we are preparing our children for is a future we can’t even imagine yet. The Montessori method allows the child the time and space to do the hard work of constructing himself. With the teacher as a loving guide, the student is immersed in an organized, peaceful environment with the freedom to discover their world through hands-on experiences. The scientifically developed Montessori Method allows each child to learn at his own pace, where each lesson builds on the last. Scientific discovery is an integral part of daily activities in the classroom.


We deliver lessons to spark the child’s imagination and innate desire to learn. Learning happens naturally; the child absorbs knowledge through hands-on, purposeful play. During the precious period of the “absorbent mind,” children 0-6 years old are sensorimotor learners meaning they learn best by using their senses and movement. Cognition and movement are one. Young children are already scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians and artists. Orderly presentation of concepts in the Montessori environment promotes keen observation skills through the 5 senses. As an example, a toddler may experiment with permanence of objects by putting a ball in box, while a preschooler organizes cylinders by diameter and height.

Students examine insects in a jar
Kingwood Montessori Students collaborate on a STEAM project


Children ages 6-12 have moved into a stage of conscious learning, which is slower paced and much more likely to happen in collaboration with their classmates. They work together on projects, learning side by side and navigating how to get along. Now capable of abstract thinking, students develop naming, writing, researching and classifying skills. The integrated nature of the curriculum encourages students to see the critical relationship among all subjects. Students at this stage may conduct scientific experiments to test Newton’s Laws as part of daily work

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