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Eighteen Months to Three Years

The Kingwood Montessori Toddler program offers an introduction to the Montessori program for the child from 18 months to 3 years of age; they may attend 5 days a week for full-days or half-days. The course is designed to give our toddlers individualized skill training which will assist them with a positive and beneficial transition to school. It is anticipated that after their introductory year, they will continue their Montessori education in a 3 to 6 Early-Childhood classroom. A full range of specialized Montessori materials are available to the children, in a beautiful environment specifically prepared to meet their needs. The Toddler program is ideal for those children who would be spending four or five years in our preschool program, prior to entering an elementary school. Support is given for "toilet training" and a scheduled naptime is provided.

Toddler playing in nature
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